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That is the bill I got from El Camino Hospital. It's time to stand up for myself instead of letting people push me around.

I am done playing the noble hero here to save everyone from "autism". I used to try to inspire and heal the downtrodden with my heroic/miraculous cure from Asperger's Syndrome, telling them how my mom had saved me.

But the older I get, the reality comes back. I remember 22 years ago like it was yesterday. But the last three years blend into nothing.

I got insurance money from Blue Shield, but I'm refusing to pay this bill.

I paid $250.00 to get checked out at El Camino because I hadn't slept for 3 days. I slept for 4-6 hours in the hospital that night and the nurse [Rachel, what a conicidede, you know? The names we use are what matters now! She's blonde, though. The Rachels I like aren't.] talked to me and such. Talked to doctor via webcam. Got a month of Respirdol that I didn't use until a month later.

I am the last angry man. I am refusing to pay this bill. I am threatening lawsuits on all my enemies and playing the retard card.

I am right. Anyone who questions me is the enemy!

Strawberry milk at krispy kreme!!!

la la la
Only Tia ever reads this
doom and rachelmills and others don't

sooooo hi tia

 Since Livejournal is the anti 4chan, it is time to use you all as my personal army.

The number of you with which I will be having sexual relaitons with is greater than three and less than 20.

Within the confines of my friends list...... I Mean.

zombie attack

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