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Welcome to your favorite friend's journal!

Or some random journal you read. Either way, I'm here and alive. I guess I should try to keep this thing coherent. I had two interviews a couple weeks ago and no news back yet so I hope I hear back still but I probably won't.

I'm gaining weight again which kind of sucks. I need to stop eating so much junk and exercise more. And apparently the person that owns the 4chan Livejournal was visiting mine, since LJ now lets you see who visits your Livejournal if they don't set themselves invisible. Strange. I wonder if they found one of my crazy rants.

Anyway I don't really know. I miss the days when my Livejournal had daily commenters... like 2005 and 2006. But most of the people, even the ones I'm still mutual friends with, I haven't talked to them for quite some time. I have a few of you as friends on Facebook and contacts on Google and such so that's all cool.

I want to apologize for my sometimes erratic posting patterns. I know it's weird... I've gone 2-3 years without touching this thing and then did 10 in a week. I don't really know why. I also really hope I have good news about jobs soon... find me a job.

And a girlfriend.

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