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What makes a good internet community?

I used to know all about internet communities. Way more than I'd care to admit... though here I am owning up to it all.

Every time a site or messenger connects to another in order to make the process of logging in or sharing content more efficient, it dies a little. These days every site seems to come pre-made with a Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter button. Go back a decade and that would have been Digg and Myspace. A few years more and it'd be Livejournal.

Here I am, using Livejournal about 13-15 years after it peaked. It's quiet here... like an isolated little village or a ghost town. Not that I was ever embroiled in "Livejournal Drama"... the sort where self-diagnosing autistics get humorous write-ups about themselves on Encyclopedia Dramatica. I've been around there a few times and Livejournal seemed to have tons of useless drama I never knew about. People spread rumors, had flipouts, shared way too much about themselves... all on their Livejournals.

For me, Livejournal was quieter than the other blogs I used. My drama consisted almost entirely of YouThink.com meetups and hookups, and befoe that, RateMyFace and Utopia General Talk. I did have a smattering of Livejournal drama over comments when I was under my Electricbassguy name, but I'm no longer friends with many of those people and I guess it's all over now.

On Billybobjoe, the main source of comments on Livejournal were posted toward the Libertarianism community, where I would often make awkward statements that both intrigued and frustrated veteran members of the community. I would come across as witty and reasonable while also blatantly trolling. I enjoyed those debates I had over the years and the friends I made from the community even more so.

But all in all, Livejournal won't be what it once was. At most, I'd get 5-10 comments on my journals... usually the same 4 or 5 people giving me advice. Now I'm not even mutual friends with some of them and the ones that remain my mutual friend have stopped posting as well.

I've been commenting on my old entries, replying to things that were said 10 years ago. It'd be weird if you guys ended up finding those old comments since I was mostly bored. A bit embarrassing considering what I said in them... mostly playing around though an element of truth and desperation inside them.

Why do I keep updating this? I don't know, really. I need somewhere to write and this is as private as it gets when you're like me. I've never been good at hiding myself online... never really wanted to. I once had a "secret journal" on videokid.com where I didn't directly post a link on my website and emailed it to trusted friends... someone made up an email address and tricked me into giving them that URL.

So I've always had a weird relationship with "online journals"... my lack of respect for my own privacy being my downfall there. But why am I writing in this dinosaur rather than pouring my heart and soul into a new novel? Perhaps you could all be characters in the great stories I should be writing. Played by Danielle Panabaker, because she's hot and I want her.

End communication.

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