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The YT Revolution, baby

The final step in my YT Revolution is complete. It's all over now. I know all the evil and good people.

First, this guy.


"Billybobfred" that is NOT me.

I'm Electric, as you all know. Or should know. I doubt anyone still reads this thing... I mean the only person I can see conceivably reading it is Tia, because the rest of you ladytypes that used to post all the times have stopped... Tia seems to be the only person besides me on my friends list (mutual friends at least) still using Livejournal.

It's over. I made my Doommonkey alter.

Everyone on YT knows I bring up "Doommonkey"... well I didn't at all when I was an active YTer, because I knew to keep YouThink and Livejournal separate. Back in the day, back in like 2004-06 especially, Livejournal was my place to make Friends-Only entries asking for advice about how to deal with various issues. Like Cetin never showering... Ben (Lushuspigeon/Lushusqueer) being whiny and worrying too much, if I should pay for every date I had with Angie... and last but not least (though least in that she is sub-human) my awkward and terrible date with one evil woman Kate Leigh Michalski. May she burn in hell yet. And I mean a real hell... not some Simpsons joke. Like the real hell that I don't really believe in but exists in books like Dante's Inferno.

I like to bring up DoomMonkey to get back at my mom in my own awkward socially retarded way. My mom used to give me generic stupid advice about "internet people" being "out to get me" and forced me to delete my first Livejournal Electricbassguy because I made rude comments about other classmates I had at Cupertino High School.

It frustrated me at the time... that my mom was always spying on me online and didn't respect my privacy... that was the birth of Billybobjoe on 12/21/2K1. Even worse in 2002 when she made six alters to mess with Colin (Ourladypeace/drunk husky/4runner)... she was protecting me from an "online bully" who was just messing around with me.

But if she hadn't been protective I would have never found the Libertarianism Livejournal community where I found both RachelMills and DoomMonkey. So I have to thank my mom for that one.

And that leads me back to what I was saying. I like to invoke the name DoomMonkey at my mom over email to mock her for the shit she used to say to me like "You need to go outside more" or when she would try to make me go to these bullshit "Asperger's Groups" where other socially retarded people (always moreso than I was) would hang out in terrible groups.

So mom... now that you're here. Would you rather I have raped a drunk pre-frosh or found DoomMonkey on livejournal? You don't have to answer. I made my choice. I made the right choice. Now shut up and get over it, boomer cXnt. I'm better than you. You're the fourth Dixie Chick. I'm the third coming of John Stuart Mill. Sunnyvale will burn in hell.

I think that's enough.
I'm NOT DoomMonkey NOR am I RachelMills. But I am the retarded autistic rapist behind both DoomMonkey and RachelMills the YouThink.com account.

Remember, blame me for all your problems. It's all MY FAULT!

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