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More Hospital Adventures

It happened again. I guess I was asking for it, posting stream of consciousness rants on Facebook full of incoherent anger and hashtags that didn't mean anything. The police came to my apartment... I think on Thursday the 19th. It was complete bullshit. Apparently, someone called the cops saying that I (Jesse Radin) have a gun and plan to shoot myself and others. Which is bullshit... I don't have a gun. Legally can't due to prior mental health holds (5250), and if I did have a gun, all I'd want to do is go to a shooting range and try and fail to hit a target that most 12 year olds could hit on their first try.

I don't know why I update this LiveJournal. I think only one of my LJ friends updates at all. I miss what I'd call the "golden age" of my LiveJournal. When it functioned as my main internet blog... I'd say 2005 and 2006. I had gotten banned from YouThink.com due to letting another member use my account to read the mod forum, and DoomMonkey, proceedcyclone, LadyFelicity, and Num6_ed would give me advice on my problems with my girlfriend/ex (depending on which month the journal was from). Now half of those aforementioned usernames aren't friends with me now... and yeah.

I don't want to die alone and live a pointless life. I want to be a rock star, published author, and awesome husband. I technically am one of those three... I've made about $50 selling books on the Amazon Kindle.

This is going to be a short entry. If you still read my posts, I apologize for all the tweets. I didn't realize I was tweeting to Livejournal as well as Twitter.


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