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The era has ended.

Hey everyone. I realize it's been five months now and I have news.

The era of datelessness will end, I'm going out with a girl on the 24th, we're seeing a movie in san francisco at a really nice theater. she seems really awesome. and  I met her online, but she goes to my school. :-)

I'm in a great mood, and I guess I'll give you guys a quick recap of the last five months... I've been shot with BB guns, had ketchup poured on my head by retarded alligators, and be "analyzed" by someone who really just likes to give me vague hints about problems with my life just to ruin my mood...

but that doesn't matter. it's called karma... for every Bullet fired in my bed to wake me up, for every girl that markie tried to steal from me finally i got what i deserve :-D

so yeah... life is good... i can't wait. i wish it could be sooner too but we have busy schedules... and she is hot... she's smart, she plays video games, she's a HUGE giants fan, she has pets... we have a lot of little things in common so we can talk about stuff, and i've realized how things work. i haven't mentioned stupid life problems or asperger's because honestly people can't tell i have it and it's not in control of my life and that's morei mpressive than telling peopel all my details and sharing stupid secrets

So there you go... an update.

If the date doesn't go well (which I think I will) then there's always something else and at least i tried!

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