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March 12th, 2016

There is a balance in life.

As much as I want to trash Reddit's admins for suspending me... Reddit does get some traffic for me. The past couple of years people have found my research I did six years ago about spring training records and I've garnered 100+ hits from that just today. So Reddit does have its use, even though their admins give in to whiny bitches too much.

I'm ready for my destiny, you know? I'm tired of being told to wait my turn and play by the rules. The rules are created by people like Travis Bowman and Cassandra O'Shea (Travbowman and Sammy).... people who want to calm me down and tell me to forget about the past.

I'd rather live in the past, thank you very much!

Five years ago: Why would I ever forget this? March 11, 2011... the last time I had sex. I don't think I ever posted about that on here, but it was big news on YouThink.com, of course. The_donnas/Aryka and I met up that Friday night. We had sex. The first time was amazing, and we watched part of Spiderman (the first one, and not the remake that didn't exist yet) and then hours later we did it again and it was even better. I still think about her. It was supposed to be two nights but her grandpa suddenly fell ill the next evening... all we did was make out on the bed that second night. I sometimes tell people this was a "one-night stand" to make it sound like I'm some sort of player but really, it was in the works for more than two months. And technically a one-night stand involves sex and then escaping without breakfast, and we hung out (with Kraken and nwlyfree2003) the next day.

Maybe that's news to some of my LJ friends. I've never explictly mentioned that until now. And yeah, it's been five years since my last sexual adventure. I deserve sex, but I'm not some slimy douchebag that's going to get a girl drunk or something. So I'll keep waiting. And creating worlds. Universes, even.

Ten years ago: Probably was working at AMC Mercado 20 and driving back to Moraga. I did that a lot. It sort of hurt my social life on campus because I went home just about every weekend, with a couple of exceptions... when I had to study for finals and when I drove down to Irvine to see my brother over spring break. I miss ten years ago. That's when I was talking to you, my loyal readers. Well some of you. The others are some sort of Russian 4chan mafia that probably are intrigued by my autistic rants.

There are a couple of events I'd like to reflect upon. My Livejournal from 2006 (for those of you that actually were reading back then) had a five-month (between Jaunuary and June 2006) gap, because I was hanging out with John Stephen all the time and had nothing to vent about on here. But looking back ten years later, there were a couple of events that deserved entries.

The first was the most awkward date of all time. Melanie Stephens was the sort of girl that was overly friendly to everyone and anyone, and being lonely (hadn't dated for six months, not counting talking to Danielle/pinkICEE on AIM six hours a night, five days a week) I wanted a date. It was one of those awkward "group dates" that should have died out after 8th grade, but I was never very mature. We went as a group. I don't remember who the last person was, I think there were five of us. Me, John Stephen, Melanie, her friend Rachel, and whoever else. I sat next to Melanie in this awkward situation. We enjoyed the movie, all of us (I think).
One of the few roles in which I enjoyed Rob Schneider.

She was direct with me the next week back at St. Mary's. She wasn't interested in me "like that". And it faded into nothing. But now that I look back ten years later I've connected some pieces and I hold some aminosty toward Melanie Stephens. She knew John Stephen De Mattei from high school and she's corrupted him. She was a psychology major but not a good one. She just wanted to learn all the basic cuddly stuff, she had no interest in going in either the biological (hard) nor the sociological (soft/test-constructing) paths.

She'd become a drunkard her senior year instead of working hard, and her worst one liner was when Russell Brown and I were discussing my latest crush , Rachel Gattucio. "A ho-bag" was all Melanie had to say. But given how Melanie behaved to Michael Hard, she was the "ho-bag", not Rachel.

Because Rachel was Rachel is Rachel is the same Rachel that I knew on Utopia General Talk back a long time ago. And I had to make some tough choices. I originally went to St. Mary's College thinking I'd graduate in '07 but I'd end up graduating a year later. If it wasn't for the times i hung out with Rachel in Spring 2008 I wouldn't have made it through. It was nice to see someone I knew from years past.

Fifteen Years Ago:

I was going through some awkward changes then. I dropped out of Academic Communications (a special class for semi-retarded special snowflakes such as myself), well I graduated actually. The teacher, Elizabeth Rochin, decided I didn't need the special retard class anymore so I switched math classes to get a better teacher. And it would be awesome. That's before the reign of ProceedCyclone/DoomMonkey as my favorite LJ peoplez (2004-present)... that was when I still had my Electricbassguy LJ. About that... ol' boomer cxnt/thinkerbell/The Crow (or the ALL MIGHTY AND POWERFUL MOM) "randomly" Googled "electricbassguy" and flipped out when she found my Livejournal.

Thank you Jayda. Everything balanced out. Back a couple months before my mom snooped my EBG LJ, I had given Jayda my LJ passcode so she could start one... and then two months later she still had her code for me. She rocks.

Anyway, that's enough back-tracking. I want a date that ends in sex but I'll stick around for a few days or weeks after. I'm not sleazy. Just a little socially retarded;.

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