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February 23rd, 2016

I am the Paris Hilton of YouThink.com!

This might make little sense to everyone except Mr. Bungle and theBSR but it's true now that I think back on it. YT is a site full of trashy people. SnowBdr88 used to harass 16-year-olds for naked pictures (he's since stopped and grown out of his FaceTheJury days I hope) and Sammy wrote/writes creepy erotica. But everything ELECTRIC did was top gossip. Here's everything I actually did on YT involving naked pictures on the site itself!

1. Kiraa (Hottsmugirl) was curious about Lyntess and wanted a picture of her in November 2003. I wanted to warn her about Lyntess being a whore and a slut so I sent her the now infamous "pillows" collage she made. A few days later Lyntess (aka that fat cow Tessa Dagger) found out through Kyry (all the ladies wanted Kyry of course) and confronted me. She'd spread rumors that I was sending her naked pictures to everyone when all I ever did was send it to Kiraa to show her how trashy her competition was. 8-) Fuck you very much Lyntess. I hope someone poisons your cakeballs and you burn in hell.

2. The "tricball" incident. Tricball had ONE intended recipient. But I stupidly sent it to a stupid fat bitch from Ft. Worth too who sent it to Ugotgash2 to "blackmail" me right away. He didn't spread it for a while, not until I was being a hypocrite mocking other people for having nudie pics. So I don't hate Ben for that. I was being a hypocrite. But that fat bitch Cassiopia227 can go fuck herself with a hot curling iron. Or maybe Zombie can fuck her with one. Gawd I hope she does.

I think that covers everything. Every "rumor" about Electric being "creepy" originates either from Lyntess or Cassiopia227 and them trying to make me look bad. I really am YT's Paris Hilton. I wanna fuck the real Paris Hilton. It's like so many YTers make sex tapes but then Thinkerbell's autistic son Electric sends his dick to two people and it's SCANDAL. Paris I hope you find this. I can relate. I CAN RELATE!

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