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February 12th, 2016

This is no game.

I used to cope with my weird emotions by imagning that you were all part of some intricate Final Fantasy game I was playing. But now I realize the enemies are VERY few and mostly in my Livejournal. Queer_theory (invisibile mode) and phoenix_pinions (deleted acccount). That fucking dyke and little Greek whore have haunted me long enough. You down to fuck? This goes out to all of you? If you're married and not interested, I totally respect that. But I am down to fuck. It's been nearly five years since I've had sex and nearly two years since I've had a date, not counting seeing my coworkers all the times at Erik's Delicafe.

I'm ready to win at life. I deserve this. I've done everything the right way and destroying that god damn lesbian dyke Queer_Theory is my last war. FUCK YOU DYKE. FUCK ME DOOMMONKEY.


I apologize

To Brockgurl86, Sleepyjean, and Mysocks. For using their pics alongside my own on this journal. It won't happen again. Anyway, I made another YT alter. The mods (Brockgurl overriding Gulity_Sparkss so I had a chance to speak my mind for 15 minutes) have banned it but it was fun to play Pepperdrinkz.
My latest alter

I know this adds another month to my ban but boy was it worth it. Proceedcyclone, Doommonkey... let's... do stuff.

A deserved FB Ban

I made some blanket antagonizing anti-Asian statements and got my 30 day FB ban. It would have been 12 hours for a first offense but I've done this pretty often. So I'll be updating my Livejournal more often as a way to express myself.

Last night I barely slept. Well I napped for two hours between 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM then slept from 12 AM to 3 AM. So that's 5 hours of sleep and I'm a little manic. I'm happy though. I know I am justified in my life's adventures and I know that only four active people read this. Two of my LJ friends plus two random Russian people involved in 4chan.

DoomMonkey, you don't read this because you're done with LJ. Get ready for me, I will rock your world.    

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