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Being outside is amazing. I want to slow down time even more. And I feel that I can. I'm done thining. I'm done being Electric of YouThink and Box Office Mojo. I'm done with that universe and I'm ready for what's mine.

I'm not going to post any names but... yeah. Things will happen eventually. I'm not planning to fly over or drive or walk to a place but I know who my next three lovers are. It's all so obvious now that I've stopped to reflect on it.

I realize now what I must do, and that is to be as vague as possible. Or not. I'm going to post the tale of the three evil Stephanies that I've known online.

The first was Stephanie Griffith (EssanceGriff) a girl that I knew on some face rating website. One of them smaller ones I think. Not RateMyFace. I got to know her and she was nothing. She was Princess Stephanie and I was her prince. She lived in both Avondale, AZ and Foster City, CA. She talked a lot about meeting me and it was weird. We talked on the phone once... but the thing is, this was before I had a cell. It was at my dad's house and she is a curse. She was a Wiccan but not a soulful one, just some girl who said "Blessed be" over and over as if it meant something.

And she cursed me for seven damn years until I found the antidote. Talking to Stephanie Millz for two minutes in person meant more than two hours on the phone with that weird Wiccan girl. Her powers are waning and they will disappear forever.

On to Steph #2. Stephanie Knisely though she now changed her name. 9/25/88. The middle child of the three evils of September. 4,5,6. 9/24/91 (holly_bolly), 9/25/88 (balloon07/steph), and 9/26/85 (xanthe/xookie/you know). I wasted time on the phone with her two. But she is defeated by envethis... steph. My first YT crush steph. 9/27/85.

And then the third Stephanie is the scariest of the three. Coinvolta of YouThink.com. A psychotic girl who went to UC Berkeley. She is defeated by Stephanie Kodewis the beautiful girl from SMC. And that is the end of the evil stephanies/stephs.

Because Stephanies keep dying. It's not a joke or a game or a simulation. Two Stephanies have died. First was the aussie girl who was killed by two  vampire lesbians, and then there was Stephanie the girl with leg cancer. Oancu wasn't evil just letting out that story of Stephanie.

I'm here to save Stephanie from Stephanie from Stephanie and  such and such.

Stephanie Millz is always with me. I only met her once that I remember. But she said hi to me first without me saying anything, and Jose told me that meant she liked me. But since I was graduating college in a month and she was a freshman dating some other guy I didn't make any moves on her because it's not like me. But now it's been nearly 8 years since I found Ms. Millz on Facebook... and someday it will happen. I don't want to be too specific because I know evil forces lurk this livejournal.

Rachel Mills is involved in something, but I don't want to give out details because the thoughts I think about Stephanie and Rachel worry me sometimes. But I know them to be true and I'll leave it at that.

I'm done pretending my life is some video game. My life is 100% real and I've coped with it by pretending I'm in some RPG fuck with my own mind. Tia... I like you. I won't say much, but let's meet sometime before too late. I mean... we found each other on OKCupid 12 years ago.

And an official apology to doommonkey for mentioning her all over the internet and commenting on old statuses and posts. It's not you doom, but it's that period of time in my life that I miss so much. It's not you specifically but the summer of 2006 when I talked to John Stephen and Danielle all the time and had that one awkward date with Kate.

This isn't a video game or a joke, and I'm not being sarcastic  or quoting things.

Every thought I'm making on this post is 100% real and true to me. I'm done holding back and hiding in some delusion. I live in the real world and take it a day at a time. I want to appreciate everything I eat  and drink and think. I'm not rushing to a goal anymore. I'm just slowly walking to the destination that I've known since 2004...

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