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A few racist rants.

Barely racist, but as a straight white male who has never been poor in my life, I'm not allowed in this day and age to have opinions on race whatsoever. (Not really, but it feels that way sometimes!)

I am biased against asians for good reason. I much prefer black people and Mexicans.  Why? I'll give you some examples.

1. When I first started working at AMC Theatres I noticed this asian women that said "I waiting for friend" near the exit doors . It was a black woman who told me that people were sneaking into the theatre. So I'm always going to trust black people more than asians, especially if they don't speak much English. They use their tonal language to manipulate us inferior white people.

2. Asians are cheap and will cheat the system to save money. All these little asian punks would try to buy child-price tickets for $7 instead of paying student or adult price when I worked at the AMC Emeryville 16... blacks/mexicans/whites/Indians never did that.

3. Some bitch names Jessica Lee I went to college with. (I ended that sentence with a preposition, tia!)

I know maybe four people read it. That's proceedcyclone, sarahsaturn, and two random people I've never heard of that found my Livejournal through somewhere else.

Asians are more racist than anyone else and they use their tonal language to sound sweet when they're being evil. Call me racist but these are facts.

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