What's rude and what isn't? [Justin Samuel Karp is a homophobe and a bad Jew]

This confuses me. My friend Justin Samuel Karp (12/29/1984) said that a joke I made at his expense was too rude...

yet he and everyone else in our group makes constant gay jokes and racist jokes.

Those AREN'T rude?

What's ruder: "Eaton's probably getting butt-raped by a Jap."

Or: "Are you going to do the report of getting in Lauren's pants?" (after Justin said he'd be doing some radio reports for his college soccer team)

I would say the first one, but that didn't seem to bother anyone else, but what I said bothered everyone.

Sometimes it just seems like whatever I say is wrong, yet others can get away with whatever.. because they're in charge. or something.

Empty Room

Hell-o-oh? Hell-o!

I'm sending a message out to the LiveJournal universe, knowing full well that only Tia even uses this, and maybe Rachel still checks her page.

No one else even updates, they've all moved on to other websites or vanished.

I'm a LOLCow and not afraid to admit it. That's 4chan faggery for "someone we laugh at". It means someone that can be "milked" for laughs. I imagine some 4chan faygs will look at this post and laugh.

But they laugh at me because I'm different. And if I laugh at myself, they're laughing with me, not at me? Ride? Right? Probably not.

The laughter, I'm well aware, is mean-spirited. But to be honest, I like attention, period.

I like the fact that anyone reads my posts, but I know my reads are few and far between. No matter my blog, I get a few dedicated readers (like Jose, who I'm sure will find this).

Peace out, dawgs.

They really are out to get me.

My Electricbassguy YouTube has been suspended for "sexual content" and my Jesse Nicholas Radin Facebook has been "disabled". The YouTube is gone forever. Cyberbullying is okay but PG Awktarded behavior isn't. Boycott Google. The Facebook police demanded I prove my identity and I took a picture of my DL for them. Hopefully the Facebook employees override the 69th-world country wage slaves Zuck uses to deal with reports. Rachel you are hot 🔥

Nukulur Launch Detected!

Every post I made is monitored by someone.

NeoNazi losers, Nikki Haley, Maddox... something.

Every word I type has some Impact.

Yesterday afternoon there was a Trump Train going down El Camino Real in Palo Alto, CA.




Political Cunt-Spiracy

Get raped.

Get raped.

Bitch, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

I have a feeling this LiveJournal account is indirectly responsible for Trump's 2016 victory.

I was spamming my autistic Neo-Liberal/Libertarian rants on here and some random Russian 4chan people were following me.

This time I am in control.

Biden will win South Carolina.

Rachel Mills wets her panties wishing I was with her.

Trump can't stop Biden.

In January 2016 under "Liberaltarian" I endorsed Biden.

I'm back

 I don't really have any other way to speak out online, so here was are on LiveJournal for three people to see.

This summer has been interesting. A woman I used to know requested I email her, so I did. Then it turned out she wanted information about someone else to get them in trouble. 

I hate when people do that.

Safe haven

Livejournal, 15 years ago, was my safe haven. I could post about my girlfriend or job and get advice. But now, maybe one person other than my stalker reads it. So there's no point to using this site, unless I make it friends only, but then only one person even sees it to begin with.

I have no more safe havens. But I suppose I deserve it. I've never valued my own privacy, and now I don't have it.

Stalkers again

My stalker linked to my last entry a few hours ago to mock me. 

It's the little things he does that really get to me:

1) Replying to Reddit threads I've made or posted in days after they were made.

2) Making phony Twitter accounts using my pictures and pretending to be me, making me look like the bad guy when he's the one starting shit.

3) Lying about me, saying my parents pay for everything or that I made up my last girlfriend.

He'll NEVER give up, His autism and lack of morals will make sure of it.

Facebook is a scam.

Facebook blocked me for another month 29 days into my currently month-long block. 

This is expected behavior on their part.

But what makes it unacceptable is that the block resulted from a post I made SIX YEARS AGO.

Am I supposed to dig through thousands of old crappy posts to see if I've violated rules? This is unfair but what I get for being me.

I give up. I might as well break the rules.