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I don't like the new post editor

It's kind of bland. It reminds me of Blogger. Do people even use Blogger anymore? It probably will die out soon because Google+ is gone. I don't like WordPress, though. It's overrated and I find it cumbersome to use.

I have no idea why I'm posting. Other than Tia, I don't think anyone reads this. Maybe a couple others. If I post it on Twitter and Facebook, will more people find it? I guess.

Today I played WoW and Pokemon. I think my girlfriend is a little mad at me. She doesn't get mad very often but I'm worried. I should buy her something or something.

Awaiting the day when AWPerative posts this on KiwiFarms for four people to read,


You know how I never post on Livejournal other than to write weird posts about obscure events or post videos I made?

Here we go.

Mr. Burgers: Eureka! Jalapeno Egg Burger

Haven't used Livejournal in months. Have a video.

My birthday is tomorrow.

In 19 hours 56 minutes to say it's at midnight.

Or in 37 hours 24 minutes to go by the birth cerificate.

I will be 32. 4d8. 8d4. 2d16 [that'd be hard to find]

A quart.

I wonder how many people will actually write on my Facebook wall this year. Ten years ago writing on a Facebook wall was a big thing. But now it's almost robotic. I'm blocked until the end of the month because I am the victim of "reportfags".

"Reportfags" are losers and retards led by Alex Joseph Prather and Brendon Urie. Post something like "Brendon Urie is a faggot" on Twitter and you'll get suspended within ten minutes.

It's time to take it back.

Brendon Urie is a faggot. In that I hope someone shoves a broken bottle up his ass and makes him bleed.

Fuck that faggot.

Come at me, 4chan faggots. I will call the FBI on your school shooting plans.

In closing, Amy Lee. Fuck me.

AWPerative, stop masturbating over me. Go outside more. Comcast needs to take your internet away, you morbidly obese loser.

Asians are more racist than Whites.

No one reads this. I mean, really. Proceedcyclone maybe will read it. And this isn't just a message to her. I could...

Well, I couldn't message her on Facebook. Got another "Zucc" as they call it.

I don't to sound like a whiny first-world problem bitch, but "Asian" minorities are the most racist group. If a white person says "Asians are more racist than Whites" that gets you blocked from sites because Asians don't want people to know the truth.

And I've seen it up close. Asians have A LOT of nepotism. It's something we could use more of. Americans see "neoptism" as a bad thing. The greedy child of the CEO getting a cushy job. But that's not how reality is.

Nepotism is something Asians have TOO MUCH of and the USA doesn't have ENOUGH of. Here are some policy proposals.

1) Allow younger children to work, but very limited hours. I think any 12 or 13 year old could work a cash register for 3 hours after school. As long as they know basic 7th grade math they could handle transactions at a register. And around here we need more cashiers. Mountain View is over-educated. Everyone wants to be some tech douche loser building the next "Killer App" and we have too many of these elitists techies making things worse. We need more restaurants and more cashiers and people bussing tables and such.

2) Don't let kids make food as much. I don't want a 16 year old making me a Subway sandwich. They will get it wrong and probably could only make the most basic sandwiches on the menu. When people eat out they want someone who knows how to make a GOOD sandwich. Anyone can toss meat on a bun and spread mustard on it. But even at Subway I don't want some punk-ass kid half my age failing to understand the difference between dijon mustard and the crappy yellow kind.

3) Regulate "IC" more than wage jobs. There are a lot of independent contractor scams out there. Not talking about Uber/Lyft, but Postmates. Postmates is a legit 100% scam. EVERYONE is an Independent Contractor ,not just drivers. ICs should be for people who NEED flexibility or are being paid on an actual contract to do some fancy coding. Some companies use "IC" to avoid paying the employer half of social security.

4) Treat disabled people like humans. There are people who "help" the "retards" in wheelchairs. When someone asks "how are you" to your disabled friend... let them answer for themsleves. Stop treating "retards" like puppies. They are human.

In closing, Stephanie Kodewis is hot and Jose Alvarez is so loud his voice can kill robots.

Remix of Sound of Madness [downtuned a bit] + Nerve Damage = 69668956985689659^564545454 SONIC DAMAGE


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